Saguaro Illumination



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48in x 36in 
Oil on Canvas (framed)

Available at Portland on the Park Gallery through Art Link Inc. Contact for details.

In 'Saguaro Illumination,' it was immensely enjoyable exploring techniques using rollers, squeegees, and spray paint to infuse vibrant energy and abstract allure into this artwork. Capturing the essence of a close-up saguaro cactus set against a backdrop of sunset hues, transitioning from deep purples to soft pinks was so much fun. The punchy greens add a pop art essence, reflecting the captivating spirit of the Sonoran Desert. I love how this piece harmonizes abstraction with nature's vivid palette.

Framed and Ready to hang

We take immense pride in enhancing the appeal of a James Ayer's Original Painting by providing exquisitely handcrafted frames. Our custom frames are meticulously crafted with splined corners, not only for a decorative accent but also to add extra durability and strength to the frame's structure.

Face 3/4"
Depth: 2-1/4"