Succulent Symmetry


30in x 42in 
Oil on Canvas (framed)


In my painting, Succulents Symmetry, I find joy in playing with symmetry and balance. Three yucca plants, slightly off-center, unfold their beauty against a vivid blue sky. The blossoms take center stage, their light yellow flowers bathed in the sun. To accentuate the vibrant display, I've added dashes of bright blue spray paint, creating a lively contrast. What makes yuccas truly captivating, I believe, is their inherent contrast—the long spiky leaves juxtaposed with the soft, yellow blooms framed against the blue expanse. Each plant, though slightly different, contributes to an overall sense of harmony. Succulents Symmetry is my attempt to capture the simplicity and beauty of this natural scene, inviting viewers to appreciate the delicate dance between form and color that defines these moments in nature.