Snowy Pines


60in x 44in
Oil on Canvas (framed


Some paintings seem to jump off of the easel more quickly than others. Snowy Pines however was a piece that took its time to come to its full realization. My goal in working in this landscape genre is finding the balance between representation and expression. Finding that sweet spot is what I’m chasing. It’s a dance on a tightrope because of the possibility of failure. However, if done with care and attention, one can find opportunity. That is what is so exciting and what brings me back to the studio to try to accomplish. I’ve always had a sense that these representational pieces need life and energy. I intentionally paint outside these lines and use dynamic color choices to push outside of this box to lean the work towards abstraction. Snowy Pines started out as most paintings do – monochromatically. I then let the color happen naturally, never forcing the process in an unnatural way. Blues and greens were enhanced with the addition of saturated pigment of the crayons as well as complimentary colors on a smaller scale – oranges, violets and yellows. The painting was finished when I added a flourish of blue spray paint at the bottom left.