Flow State



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48in x 60in
Oil on Canvas (framed)

Available at Canyon Contemporary.

Please contact the Gallery for more information.

This artwork is inspired by the breathtaking badlands of the Dakotas, where rivers have carved their way through vast dry prairies. It evokes memories of my journey through the magnificent prairielands of America. In line with my contemporary and expressive landscape style, I have approached this piece with a similar vision.

The viewer embarks on a visual voyage, starting from the bottom right corner, where the cool blue water beckons. The application of orange spray paint then propels the gaze, leading it back towards the center and guiding it through the canyons. The presence of violet, serves to compliment and energize the pieces warmth. I allowed the spray paint to naturally drip, accentuating the abstract and ethereal shadows in the distant canyons.

These painterly elements, including the "glitches" caused by the spray paint, the textural effects of the oil paint, and the intricate details created with crayon, play a pivotal role in shaping the artwork. Without them, the piece would have an entirely different character. I am delighted with how these diverse elements harmonize and breathe life into the composition.

Framed and Ready to hang

We take immense pride in enhancing the appeal of a James Ayer's Original Painting by providing exquisitely handcrafted frames. Our custom frames are meticulously crafted with splined corners, not only for a decorative accent but also to add extra durability and strength to the frame's structure.

Face 3/4"
Depth: 2-1/4"