Sonoran Dreamscape



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36in x 48in 
Oil on Canvas (framed)

Available at T.H. Brennen Fine Art.

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In Sonoran Dreamscape, my artistic focus was on the iconic saguaro cactus, a symbol of this unique landscape.  I enjoyed exploring the juxtaposition between city lights and the Sonoran desert. The saguaro's silhouette, etched against the night sky, serves as the subject for this expressive piece, blurring the lines between representation and imagination. My intent is not merely to replicate a desert nightscape but to evoke the very essence of the nocturnal desert. Success, for me, lies in the viewer feeling the desert's nocturnal embrace.

The painting's surface is a canvas of exploration. I layer colors and employ diverse techniques—spray paint, crayon, scumbled drags, translucent strokes—all harmonizing to create a distinctive artwork. Through this varied approach, I strive to create a tangible, experience that resonates with the viewer.

Framed and Ready to hang

We take immense pride in enhancing the appeal of a James Ayer's Original Painting by providing exquisitely handcrafted frames. Our custom frames are meticulously crafted with splined corners, not only for a decorative accent but also to add extra durability and strength to the frame's structure.

Face 3/4"
Depth: 2-1/4"