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Image Licensing

Image Licensing

Need a historically accurate Native American image for your next project?

James has an extensive library of American Indian images suitable for book covers, magazine illustration, product usage, and more.

Choose from the following tribal groups:

Examples of previous licensees

My Life As A Private, USA


The original, Encounter With The Teton Sioux
Encounter with the Teton Sioux, September 25, 1804, oil on canvas, 24in x 40in

Encounter with the Teton Sioux, September 25, 1804, (painted 2010) 
depicts the tension-filled encounter between the Corps of Discovery and the Lakota

The reproduction, Your Life as a Private on the Lewis and Clark Expedition


My life as a private on the Lewis & Clark expedition

Illustration called “Meeting the Neighbors” derived from Encounter with the Teton Sioux

Encounter with the Teton Sioux has been licensed both for this publication and for classroom education in California.Check out my blog post Lewis and Clark Lead to Discoveries Today for licensing ideas.



Please contact James Ayers directly to discuss rights and fees for any image in his

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